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An open source project started by Pete Freitag of Foundeo.
Riaforge.org ColdBricks (m ContentMonger Pro ( DA-Content (m/da-content.Older versions are available for CF2016 (an 85-page PDF CF11 (a 62-page PDF CF10 (a 58-page PDF and CF9 (a 35-page PDF) (And with contributions by yours truly, see appendix).A Dec 2001 cfdj article discussed this.For IIS7 and above, see mod_cache within Helicon APE Litespeed, open source for Linux (web server with caching features) mod_expires, included with Apache nginx, commercial and open source (web server with caching features) Squid, open source, multi-platform Varnish, open source, for Linux Note that Apache.See also PageSpeed browser extensions, free for Chrome PageSpeed tool, free hosted service Pingdom Web Site Speed Test, free service that tests page load times (considering all components of a novell iprint client windows 8 given page, formerly "Full Page Test Real User Monitoring, free and commercial hosted service Redbot.(not updated since 2011, as of a check in Apr 2017) AutoMagic, free, downloadable for Windows, "an automated SQL injection tool designed to help save time on pen tests.While Akamai may have the majority of mindshare when folks think of the term CDN, there are indeed many alternatives.Also, many have written about POI/CF integration, including Dave Ross ; Ben Nadel, who has written a poiutility CFC wrapper that makes it easy to use POI (and here n64 emulator games brothersoft are a couple of other entries by him 1 and 2, 3, with more info.Since CF6 and above are built atop Java, it's easy to leverage such Java libraries.Of course, the information I link to is public info.The default option scan the following base keys limits it to certain base keys/hives, but if you uncheck that option you can then choose a value in the "base key" drop down at the top of the interface or type in a key name.See also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above WebQueries link : a reverse approach is to obtain data from for an Excel spreadsheet from within Excel, and using the Excel Web Query feature to point back to the server to get.ApexSQL Log, a commercial tool, for SQL Server Log Explorer for SQL Server, a commercial tool, is no longer offered or supported (from m) MyProfi, free, for MySQL mysalsa, free, for MySQL SQL Log Rescue, a free tool from Redgate, for SQL Server Consider amazing spider man annuals game pc also.
See also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above.
CF8 added many new image processing features: cfimage tag and image* functions The following seem defunct (site not responding, app not updated in 3 or more years, or site no longer references ColdFusion Alagad Image Component (ageComponent AutoResize (m/id/6 Image CFC (m/imagecfc imagecr (m imagemagick.
A couple of blog entries on this approach are those by Ben Nadel and Todd Sharp.
I'm not contributing to keeping that updated, myself, but thanks to those who are I welcome additions/corrections/feedback The following events are (or seem) defunct.
More info here and here.
(Some web servers may rotate logs on a daily but not offer any means to auto-archive/zip/delete them after some period of time.) Advanced Logging, free, for Windows (IIS 7 only).
Apache Traffic Server, open source, for Linux Cachebox, commercial appliance CacheRight, commercial, for IIS 6 and 7 (not 8, as of a check in Aug 2018) Helicon Jet, commercial, for IIS 6 and below (not 7).J., ASC X12 Oprogramowanie edukacyjne KMess, Kdeadmin, Kdeartwork, Kdebingings, kdom, KDE Dot News, Extragear, Flake (KDE), KAtomic, kdesvn, Kdesdk, Kdetoys, Programy edukacyjne, Sonnet, Strigi, ThreadWeaver, Kross (KDE), Kdeutils, Kdewebdev, Kiosk (KDE), Decibel, Kdeaccessibility, PlayPower, Powtarzanie, Pcode, Parley (KDE), Processing.See also Caching Tools for cfml I welcome additions/corrections/feedback E-commerce Enabling Solutions (written in cfml) link There are certainly carts and other e-commerce enabling solutions written in other languages, and some could possibly even be called or leveraged from cfml, but for now, this list.For the ones that are more generic, I did a seach for ColdFusion.See more in the Adobe DevNet articles, Building Reports with ColdFusion MX 7 and Using the ColdFusion Report Builder.Provides count of current number of ColdFusion sessions (whether J2EE sessions or not including a count per application.Muller-Putz, Książeczka zdrowia, Królewski Instytut Technologii, loinc, medix, medline, Jorg Pfurtscheller, Jonathan.

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