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Leon Perkins, before being drywall patch to plaster imprisoned by the Grand Army of the Just.
( TV : The Woman Who Fell to Earth, The Ghost Monument, Arachnids in the UK, Kerblam!, Resolution ) The Doctor used a point system to grade her companions to mark how well they performed.This Doctor, upon regenerating, immediately noted that she had " etheric beam locators " (calling back to an earlier gag where etheric beam locators had been confused for breasts).Pleased that she finally had an answer, the Doctor went back to the tardis with a renewed vigour.Finding Greston Paltraki alone in his ship with memory problems and a strange package, the Doctor helped restore his memory, and he remembered that he was on a rescue mission just as Tzim-Sha contacted him, demanding Paltraki give back what he stole in return for.( prose : The Secret in Vault 13 ) At Yaz's urging, the Doctor took Team tardis to 1947 during the Partition of India, so Yaz could learn more about the life her grandmother, Umbreen, had before she moved to Sheffield, as Umbreen refused.Though empathetic, she would be short-tempered with those who put their own needs and wants above others.Escaping her bonds after being submerged, the Doctor exposed Becka just before the Morax Queen took control of her and kidnapped King James, planning to turn him into a vessel for the Morax King.She then saw that Eva De Ville, who had been sent to assassinate her, was leaving the scene, but her attempt to interfere resulted in a lizard creature being taken by De Vil by mistake.Am to find the source of the distress call and they began investigating the mysterious disappearances of workers.Upon regaining consciousness, the Doctor found out that the rescue craft was on a preprogramed route and could not take them back to the tardis until docking at Resus One.When Emma tells her that those are actual breasts, the Doctor says that she "always wanted to get her hands on one of these".( TV : The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos ) The Doctor faces a Reconnaissance scout Dalek.) Team tardis landed in Gaul in 451 AD after the ship passed through an energy anomaly.( TV : Resolution ) She was encouraging with them, especially when they made a connection, showed prowess, acted well in a crisis, or came up with a good plan of action.The idea that a female actor could take the role of the Doctor was first publicly introduced by John Nathan-Turner and Tom Baker in 1980.
( comic : Vortex Butterflies ) When the Twelfth Doctor broke his toe, Clara Oswald suggested that he regenerate to heal the injury, but he berated the idea as a waste.
They soon befriended Ash, one of the native silicon-based life forms and the daughter of the planet's first scientist, Basalt.
( TV : The Woman Who Fell to Earth ) Nevertheless, even after Dr Leon Perkins threatened her with a gun, the Doctor favoured serving him tea in the tardis over locking him up, hoping to come to a common understanding with her new guest.
He convinced them to use their powers to heal him from his near-death and create a weapon that could miniaturise planets, killing the inhabitants in the process, so that Tzim-Sha could take revenge on worlds that had opposed the Stenza.
( prose : Combat Magicks ) After halting a war on the planet Lobos between the Loba and the human colonists, the Doctor and her companions departed in the tardis.On one occasion, she constructed a makeshift chemistry set out of oil, water, tree bark, a saucepan, nine containers, an old newspaper, a touch of ox spit and a chicken poo, which she then used to analyse a Thijarian remnant sample.( comic : A New Beginning ) The Thirteenth Doctor stated that love was central to her " faith believing it to be the better source of belief.( TV : Demons of the Punjab, It Takes You Away ) When giving a speech, proclaiming instructions, or vocally analysing her situation, the Doctor would move her hands upwards, with her hands facing her head and with her fingers curled.By the time Whittaker was announced as the actor to follow Peter Capaldi, it was well-established, to viewers and within the Doctor Who universe, that the Doctor could be played by a woman.Though a parody, The Curse of Fatal Death (1999) by Steven Moffat introduced another Thirteenth Doctor, played by Joanna Lumley.The Doctor lent him her tardis to substitute the sleigh, on the condition that he return it once he was finished.( TV : The Witchfinders ) Patricia thought that the Doctor's face conveyed a constant, unashamed amazement.) On one occasion, in the heat of the moment, she acted selfishly, disregarding others and putting her own need to find the tardis first.With everyone but Erik evacuated, the Doctor convinced the Solitract into forcibly releasing him by offering herself in his place.( prose : Postscript ) Post-regeneration Edit Still hearing her predecessor in her head, ( comic : The Many Lives of Doctor Who ) the Doctor staggered to the console in a daze.( comic : The Greatest Movie Never Made ) On a whistlestop tour of the Seven Wonders of the Universe, the Doctor and her friends arrived in the Jewelled City of Glude to find it a burning wreck, before witnessing the destruction of the Twelve.Tracking down Mitch, the Doctor learned that the Dalek had been buried on Earth since the 9th century and that it was controlling Lin.

Dream Lord, the Curator, dynamic, curious and endlessly caring, the.
( TV : Arachnids in the UK, The Tsuranga Conundrum, Demons of the Punjab, Resolution ) She liked giving her companions, Ryan in particular, a chance to shine.

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